Trapping Indiana Furbearers

Zachary and I with a two days catch of coyotes here on our farm in 2007.

This is one of the prettiest coyotes that I have ever caught, she was a light grey with a white tipped tail.

Check out the size of this cat! We caught this bobcat during the 2006 trapping season.Zachary Baker is pictured here with it just before it's release.

I am pictured with the first bobcat that we caught in southern Indiana.It was caught in a dirt hole set on our farm in Martin County while trapping for coyotes during 2006. This cat was very large and probably a male. It was released, bobcats are on the protected species list in Indiana.

We caught this bobcat during the 2007 trapping season. Zachary is pictured here with it shortly before its release.

As you can see we had a pretty good year on predator control during our 2007 season.

Here is a nice coyote that was caught in a dirt hole set.

I am pictured here with a grey fox caught and released during the 2007 season. I have released them the last few years due to the decline in population in this area.

Here is another big coyote that was caught in a dirt hole set.

Here is a years catch of beaver, muskrats, red fox, grey fox, and opossums that I caught on my trapline.

This is a picture of several coons that I caught one year while trapping.

Here is Zachary with two grey foxes that I called in using a "grey fox pup" tape one evening, my first double. We caught the red fox and the 24 lb. coon the same day on our trapline here on the farm during the 2001-02 season.

Here Zachary and I with our "2001" coon catch.

Here is one critter during our "2001" trapping season that we caught a bunch of.

Here is Zach with our "2001" fox and skunk catch.

Here is Zachary with a couple of coyotes that we caught during the 2002-03 trapping season.

Zachary getting our 2002-03 furs ready to sell.

2002-03 Fur catch. 10 Coyotes,4 Redfox,14 Coon,22 Opossum

Zachary with a few critters that we caught one day on our 2006 trapline.

Zachary is pictured here with our 2006 fur catch.